The  Manifesto

We are genuine. We are far more valuable than the most precious gem. We accept our flaws. We believe in the extraordinary. We have hope for a better tomorrow. We know without a doubt that we were created for a purpose, destined for great things. We know this world needs our gift. We are God's chosen, created for such a time as this.

We are Sincerely Ruby 

Blog Posts

February 13, 2018

Even those little grasps that you think are completely inconsequential to your life they are powerful. Those prayers that you pray  ignite the power of God into your life. You cannot go unnoticed. He will meet you where you are. Just a single grasp, will unlock His pow...

November 28, 2017

Perfectly imperfect, this is where I want to be. Let's ditch the shame of not getting it right and create a new norm; where we embrace our flaws and are authentic about our struggles. Where we allow grace to flood our shame. Where we allow our tests to become testi...

October 12, 2017

I started writing this post a few weeks ago and as I sit down to complete it I am fighting the urge to dress it up, make it less heavy, but you know what? That isn't real life. There are so many inspirational quotes and stories on courage that, believe me, I love, but...

October 4, 2017

 "Are you sure Lord? As I sat on the floor of my closet (aka my war room) I found myself questioning, begging, negotiating with what I was being told. "Lay it down? I can't!" I remember about a year prior, while at a company event literally saying, "thank you Lord for...

September 27, 2017

Have you every felt that way? Feeling like your being taken into the waters of life and despite our spiritual life vest we are terrified of being over taken? We will take every step necessary to keep our heads above board. Anybody? There have been many times over my li...

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Hey beautiful, so glad you are here. My hope is that you leave here feeling inspired, equipped and loved. You are extraordinary and uniquely created for such a time as this. 

For such a time as this....Esther 4:14