Irresistibly You

A whimsical story about a little girl, named Ruby and her puppy Brûlée, who take the reader on a journey towards discovering their extraordinary worth and God-given purpose in this world.


Sarah Marie McMullen

XO Ruby came from a deep desire in my heart to help my three little ladies weather the pressures of perfectionism and comparison. The convictions on my spirit began to make their way onto paper and the workings of a book was born. 

 I have always been drawn to rubies. They are vibrant and beautiful. Rubies without imperfections are extremely rare, almost all rubies have flaws? Just like a ruby, I want to emphasize the message to little ladies all over the world that they are beautiful just the way they are - Perfectly Imperfect. Every ounce of who they are is fearfully and wonderfully made. Ruby and Brûlée are adventure seeking, God-driven characters who dive straight into the depths of helping the reader understand their extraordinary value and God-given purpose. 

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Hey beautiful, so glad you are here. My hope is that you leave here feeling inspired, equipped and loved. You are extraordinary and uniquely created for such a time as this. 

For such a time as this....Esther 4:14